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17 de Febrero de 2019



The ozone tube generates luminous effects around the spiral to ionize the oxygen in the air, generating Ozone under the effect of the high tension of the electromagnetic field with high frequency and of the magnetic field owing to which the Ozone is not stable and the new ozone becomes an O3 atom.
It is used for refreshing used air, smoke, bad odours, turning them into fresh air. The appliances effectively eliminates bacteria in the air, bad odours and filters dust particles.


  • It has a medium and high Standard air flow function whose power is 15W. 20W and 25W.
  • The timer functions are 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.
  • Effectively eliminates bacteria in the air, bad odours and it filters dust particles.
  • It has 4 filters: front filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter and special filter.
  • Available with remote control.



  • The front filter to stop lint and larger bits of dirt.
  • High efficiency particle filter (HEPA): the effect consists of an high density network of intertwined fiberglass which effectively filters lint, dirt and fumes of less than 5 microns and at the same time purifies pollen and particles which produce allergies.
  • Activated carbon filter, eliminates the particles from bad odours, suitable for closed rooms with air-conditioning.
  • Special filter resistant to bacteria for complete air renewal.


Ideal combination with the water purifier.