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17 de Febrero de 2019

Just by pressing a button the robot vacuum cleaner will start cleaning
  • An easy-to-operate intelligent vacuum cleaner, just by pressing a button Samba 365 automatically vacuums and sweeps all kinds of surfaces.
  • Two lateral brushes and one central one cover more cleaning surface, more effectively.
  • It has two cleaning speeds: rapid or super rapid.
  • Two cleaning modes: automatic or by area.
  • In automatic mode it cleans in different ways simultaneously: spiral, line or wall. Just by pressing the on button, it automatically starts cleaning the surface, adapting the optimum cleaning mode to suit the case in hand.
  • Self-protection plates with protection which protect the robot and prevent the furniture or walls from getting damaged.
  • Inbuilt vacuum sensors that detect any changes in height and prevent the robot from falling over.
  • Compact design which allows cleaning in spots which are hard to reach such as under sofas, beds or cabinets.
  • The cleaning system will enable you to collect all kinds of dirt, including hair or dust, and place it into your deposit. It does not require bags but rather the dirt vacuumed gradually accumulates in a deposit. Once it has finished cleaning, the deposit is easy to open to extract the dirt.
For further information visit the Samba robot vacuum cleaner website

 PVP: 299€