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17 de Febrero de 2019

The Samba R2 robot vacuum cleaner vacuums, sweeps and mops in just one go without any need for supervision, as well as voice guiding throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • VOICE system: guides the user throughout the cleaning process. What's more, it incorporates an error code which is transmitted in the event of any fault.
  • Programmable 24/7, all you have to do is choose the day and time of cleaning and the vacuum cleaner will start automatically.
  • Optimum cleaning on all surfaces.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner has two cleaning speeds: rapid and super rapid.
  • It encompasses two cleaning modes: automatic or by area. In automatic mode it cleans simultaneously in a zig zag, wall, spiral or line mode, adapting to the surface and the obstacles of the room.
  • It incorporates crash and vacuum sensors which protect the robot vacuum cleaner, preventing it from banging into the furniture or walls and it may fall owing to possible holes or stairs.
  • Self-rechargeable, when you detect a low battery level take it to its charging base automatically.
  • Operate and programme the robot vacuum cleaner using your remote control with an LCD screen in a simple, direct manner.


  • Mop accessory, cleans and lends shine to the parquet
  • 2 HEPA filters, purer, cleaner environment
  • Brush/comb for maintenance and cleaning
  • Remote control with LCD screen, programmes the robot vacuum cleaner using a remote control
  • Two sidebrushes (+2 spares) together with the central brush robot get a broader absorption and more effective cleaning.
  • The Virtual Wall has the job of blocking a certain area, sending an infrared signal which prevents the robot from exceeding the delimited area, simulating a virtual wall.
  • The charging base is the charging station of the robot vacuum cleaner. By means of a transmission signals it connects to the robot vacuum cleaner and when it detects a low battery level, Samba R2 returns automatically to the base and starts charging.
  • DVD: instructions and maintenance

For further information visit the official Samba robot vacuum cleaner website

  PVP: 795 €